Sekcia: Konfigurácia 10.10.2006 | 23:32
Jano   Návštevník
Potreboval by som poradit ma linuxovy router s dvomi sietovkami jedna je ako vstup a na druhej je lokalna siet potreboval by som poradit ako bloknem torrenty na sieti vnutornej. Vdaka
    • Re: torrent 10.10.2006 | 23:21
      rooter   Návštevník
      Torrent users usually change the port from the default. Some trackers even throttle down clients connecting with the default port. The normal solution corporations use is to get a firewall with DPI (deep packet inspection), and configure it to block BT traffic. I haven't been able to find an open-source firewall with that kind of power. Your best bet is to block the other end. Find IPs for popular trackers and block them.
      • Re: Re: torrent 10.10.2006 | 23:32
        azurIt   Návštevník
        alebo pozri sem ;)