Sekcia: Konfigurácia 01.02.2006 | 18:45
marfo   Návštevník
co znamena toto Interact with IPL (Y/N) co znamena to IPL??
    • Re: Pomozte 28.01.2006 | 13:34
      ---   Návštevník
      IPL=Initial Program Load The message Interact with IPL (Y or N)? gives you an additional chance to autoboot even if you previously indicated an autoboot override (or have autoboot disabled). Answering NO to the Interact message returns the system to attempt an autoboot. a je to odtialto: http://docs.hp.com/en/32650-90855/ch02s04.html
    • Re: Pomozte 01.02.2006 | 18:45
      quix   Návštevník
      MARFO, pre buducnost ti poradim do PREDMENU sa nauci pisat NIECO K PROBLEMU nie pomozte.