Preklad linuxu - rosetta

Sekcia: Ostatné 27.02.2006 | 17:48
rooter   Návštevník
Davam tu par veci ktore sa (mi) tazko prekladaju. Takze kto vie po anglicky pomozte: nautilus: ../libnautilus-private/ Set this key to get the upstream spatial mode. ../libnautilus-private/ Ubuntu spatial changes oaf: oafd/od-corba.c:302 Race condition activating server \'%s\' * If this exception blows ( which it will only do with a multi-object ) * factory, you need to ensure you register the object you were activated * for [use const char *bonobo_activation_iid_get (void); ] is registered * with bonobo_activation_active_server_register - _after_ any other * servers are registered. soundtracker: app/gui.c:2120 Change effect column editing direction nano: src/nano.c:1064 Log & read search/replace string history src/rcfile.c:426 Cannot add a color directive without a syntax line src/text.c:264 Could not pipe src/text.c:284 src/text.c:1741 src/text.c:1889 Could not fork
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      Avatar borg Fedora  Administrátor
      obrat sa s tym na mailling list slovenskeho lokalizacneho tymu, resp. na ubuntu slovensky prekladatelsky tym
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      Avatar Frantisek Klabzuba Debian  Používateľ
      Could not fork Nemozno vytvorit kopiu procesu Nemozno rozdvojit proces Nemozno spustit proces Could not pipe Nemozno spracovat vstup/vystup procesu
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