SUSE 9.2 a Canon i250 rozbehali ste niekto?

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      v MDK10 bez problemov, no nepouzival som dlhodobejsiei drivre orig. s canon stranok, malo by to ist aj v Suse I got my Canon i250 Printer working in linux with drivers from the following site I only downloaded three files, they are bjfilteri250-2.3-0.i386.rpm bjfiltercups-2.3-0.i386.rpm guidei250-2.3-0.tar.gz I used the command rpm -ivh to install both rpms. The guide contains a tutorial.htm file which discribes the entire instalation process. After haveing installed the rpms I restarted the cups server and then issued two commands: lpadmin -p i250 -m canoni250.ppd -v canon_usb:/dev/usb/lp0 -E lpadmin -d i250 the first I have no idea what it does but apears to register the printer with cups, and the second sets the printer as default. After that my printer just worked, if you reboot and have a redhat system the kudzu hardware detection system will try to detect the printer on each reboot, I ignore it, but mostly leaveing the printer off stops this all together. " Mne to myslim islo este jednoduchsie/intuitivnejsie bez poslednych prikazov vyklikanim v MDK control centre
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