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Re: Slovenske distribucie 07.01.2008 | 11:56
Elven   Návštevník
Peter Mann ma naviedol na myslienku urobit nieco ako to_co_tu_nemozem_menovat.

inak toto mi vyhodil Distrowatch - distra z ceskej republiky:

1. DANIX GNU/Linux
Danix is a Knoppix-based desktop-oriented Linux live CD designed with support for the Czech language.

2. Olive
Olive is minimalistic Linux live CD based on Debian GNU/Linux. It offers a number of rarely-seen features, such as a unique boot process using a combination of BusyBox and GHLI, a modular script interpreter, a custom package management tool called UniPKG, a read-write live CD infrastructure with Unionfs and Squashfs, and the Enlightenment window manager. The purpose of the project is to demonstrate ease-of-use of Linux and to showcase interesting new technologies.

3. SLAX - Live CD
SLAX - Live CD is a bootable CD containing a Linux operating system. It runs directly from CD-ROM without installing. The live CD described here is based on the Slackware Linux distribution and is downloadable from its website as an ISO image. All scripts and source code which can be used to build your own live CD are also available.
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