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Re: asus wl-500gP v2 + openwrt 25.05.2010 | 03:23
still   Návštevník
To hrate stale pacmana, ze ste zabudli na co sluzi google? :P

Note: The wireless in the v2 is a low power wireless PHY, which currently isn't really supported by b43, therefore 2.4 is still recommended for the v2.

Choosing the right image

The WL-500gP is supported by two targets:

* brcm-2.4
o Uses an older 2.4 kernel
o Uses the binary only broadcom driver, which supports the wireless in the v2.
o Recommended for v2

* brcm47xx
o Uses a current 2.6 kernel, it is faster and has more features
o Uses the open source b43 wireless driver, which currently does not work with the wireless in the v2
o Recommended for v1

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