Bruce Perens analyzuje postup Microsoftu

04.03.2009 | 23:26 | dodoedo | Novinky

Bruce Perens, veľký advokát a tvorca definicie pojmu "Open Source" v článku na analyzuje žalobu za porušenie patentových práv, ktorú podal Microsoft voči linuxovej firme TomTom, zaoberajúcej sa tvorbou navigačných zariadení do automobilov.

    • Jeremy Allison 06.03.2009 | 19:08
      Avatar dodoedo Fedora Linux  Používateľ
      Jeremy Allison said...

      What people are missing about this is the either/or choice that Microsoft is giving Tom Tom.

      It isn't a case of cross-license and everything is ok. If Tom Tom or any other company cross licenses patents then by section 7 of GPLv2 (for the Linux kernel) they lose the rights to redistribute the kernel *at all*.

      Microsoft has been going around and doing these patent cross licensing deals with companies under NDA's so they never come to light for *years*.

      That was the whole point of the Novell deal - Microsoft lawyers finally thought they'd found a way to *publicly* do these cross licensing deals and get around the GPLv2, but the GPLv3 put paid to that.

      Tom Tom are the first company to publicly refuse to engage in this ugly little protection racket, and so they got sued. Had Tom Tom silently agreed to violate the GPL, as so many others have, then we'd only hear about a vague "patent cross licensing deal" just like the ones Microsoft announces with other companies.

      Make no mistake, this is intended to force Tom Tom to violate the GPL, or change to Microsoft embedded software.
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