Novým prezidentom FSF je Geoffrey Knauth

06.08.2020 | 21:22 | redhawk75 | Novinky

Súčasťou FSF je 30 rokov a venoval sa GNU Objective-C stack.

Knaut zverejnil status k svojmu zvoleniu v nasledujúcom znení (nepreložené):

"The FSF Board chose me at this moment as a servant leader to help the community focus on our shared dedication to protect and grow software that respects our freedoms. It is also important to protect and grow the diverse membership of the community. It is through our diversity of backgrounds and opinions that we have creativity, perspective, intellectual strength, and rigor...It requires renewed focus to achieve our goals. We must remember what unites us and why we came to free software in the first place. What inspired us in the past? What will keep us inspired, and what will inspire new generations of free software developers? We must be kind to each other and respect each other when our good faith arguments differ, in order to produce the best solutions together. I pledge to support honest dialog and emerging leaders in the quest to secure the future for free software for generations to come, and not to alter the tenets of the free software vision."

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