Open Source-Tučniak bombardér ?

19.04.2008 | 21:22 | dodoedo | Novinky

Zdroj "The Objective Observer" priniesol prednedávnom krásny článok o Open Source ktorý rozhodne stojí za to, prečítať si ho.

    • P.S. 19.04.2008 | 23:59
      Avatar dodoedo Fedora Linux  Používateľ
      Pre úplnosť uvádzam linku na jednu s inteligentných odpovedí (reakcií) na ten "krásny článok o Open Source" .
      G. Orwell: "Čím více se společnost vzdaluje od pravdy, tím více bude nenávidět ty, kteří ji říkají."
    • Re: Open Source-Tučniak bombardér ? 20.04.2008 | 00:45
      MicE   Návštevník
      Neviem ci s tebou suhlasim ohladne toho ci stoji za to ten clanok citat. Je to analyza, velmi dobre napisana ... a velmi, velmi mylna. Neodporucam citat ludom, ktori sa lahko rozculia.

      Zaujimalo by ma, ci je autor tak pomyleny ze si za svojim nazorom stoji, alebo ci ide skor o premysleny tah ako si zvysit pagerank. V kazdom pripade by sa server mohol skor presunut na
    • uff no .. nedalo mi nenapisat mu.. 20.04.2008 | 14:21
      Avatar mdl fedora  Používateľ
      hi objective observer..

      recently i was reading your funny article about open source (
      well, i really can't tell if you were joking. if not, please try to read the following
      (any replies are welcome)..

      your conclusion is that:
      - FOSS movement is a collection of small terrorist organizations against all closed programs.
      - Microsoft is a leading dictatorship (currently rules the SWorld).
      - Google is a dictatorship (uses also FOSS terrorists to destroy Microsoft)
      - Red Hat (and similar) is a dictatorship which symbiotically uses and supports FOSS
      - other SW companies are smaller dictatorships in a war with everybody else
      - and users are collateral damage

      having this setup:
      - all terrorists are pressed to publish their works and know-how to everybody in the battlefield. a terrorist can't do bigger harm than anybody else (can use only weapons freely accesible to everyone).
      - all dictatorships hide every know-how they create or buy from others. they are free to use works and ideas of terrorists. they use their private weapons and freely accessible ones.
      - hackers/crackers are all over the field. watching any weakness in everything (for fun/money/prestige).
      - users are money to dictatorships.
      - users are users to terrorists.

      that is interesting view. but the words terrorists, dictatorships, battlefield (i've picked them to use your language) are too strong in expression and too weak in correlation with reality.

      terrorists want to destroy or kill their oponents. every single company (Microsoft, Ford, ..) in the world wants to destroy its oponents - it is called capitalism. following your "logical conclusion", every organisation in competitive environment with weak organisational structure of groups would be terrorist.
      i would bet anything that there are bad/jealous/fanatic/.. people in Microsoft, McDonalds, Red Hat, FOSS, British Airways, Christians, Pagans .. is it really so, that the only thing that counts is organisational structure?
      i don't think so.
      next time, please don't write only half truth, it kills your objectivity..