firewall a icq

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firewall   Návštevník
ahojte version 5
# Requires a specific version of firehol
interface "wlan0" INTERNET
# These are my internet interfaces
protection strong 10/sec 10
# We want protection from icmp/syn/frags/etc
server "upnp samba netbios_dgm netbios_ns netbios_ssn" accept
#server connections are incoming
client "upnp dns http ssh dhcp whois https time rdp vnc ntp netbios_dgm netbios_ns netbios_ssn emule irc pop3 smtp" accept
#client connections are outgoing
client custom mswins tcp/445 default accept
#created my own client custom service
server custom mswins tcp/445 default accept
#created my own server custom service
server custom netbios udp/30000:40000 137 accept

policy deny
#this is important, so all connections other than the above specified are blocked
#Again.. incoming other than specified drop!
#Again.. outgoing other than specified drop!
#Log your dropped connections for security or to find out what holes are left in your firewall.

to su moje pravidla iptables,po ich aplikovani mi nejde icq,co mam doplnit , pls doplnte mi to ... dik
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      client icq accept