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Avatar marián Fedora,Vector,Slack  Používateľ
nainstaloval som dosemu z rom balika aj s freedos , spustim dosemu [root@localhost My Downloads]# dosemu Please enter the name of a directory which contains a bootable DOS [ENTER = the default /usr/share/dosemu/freedos] Going to install your private DOSEMU-freedos files into the directory /root/dosemu Enter an empty string to confirm, a new path (the files will then be installed in a subdirectory named "dosemu" under that new path), or "none" (without the quotes) if you don't want a writable C-drive. Creating symbolic link for bootdirectory as /root/.dosemu/drives/c DOSEMU will run on _this_ terminal. To exit you need to execute 'exitemu' from within DOS, because -C and 'exit' won't work! Now type ENTER to start DOSEMU or C to cancel The Linux DOSEMU, Copyright (C) 2003 the 'DOSEMU-Development-Team'. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the file COPYING for more details. Use this program at your own risk! By continuing execution of this program, you are stating that you have read the file COPYING and the above liability disclaimer and that you accept these conditions. Enter 'yes' to confirm/continue: yes vm86plus service not available in your kernel co je vm86plus ? , ako to rozchodim ?
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      q-parser   Návštevník
      Neviem co to je, ale je to isto v kerneli. Treba to zapnut a prekompilovat jadro.
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        Avatar marián Fedora,Vector,Slack  Používateľ
        no to viem aj ja ze je to v kerneli, ale ci sa s tym niekto nestretol a nepomoze mi, lebo ja si s tym neviem poradit