Instalacia OpenOffice 2.0.3

Sekcia: Aplikácie & Desktop 23.09.2006 | 22:22
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Ked som chcel nainstalovať Open office 2.0.3 takj som si stiahol balik vo formate tar. Rozbalil som ho bol tam adresar s rpmkami a subor install a uninstall. Ked som spustil install ako root napísalo mi toto: This script is for installation without administrative rights only Please use rpm to install as root User Mode Installation script for developer and knowledgeable early access tester This installation method is not intended for use in a production environment! Using this script is unsupported and completely at your own risk Usage: ./install [-lU] : directory *only* containing the Linux rpm packages to be installed : directory to where the office will get installed into Optional Parameter: -l,--link: create a link "soffice" in /root -U,--update: update without asking -h,--help: output this help Prosím poradte mi čo mám urobiť
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      Avatar uid0 Debian  Používateľ
      instalovat z oficialneho repozitara nejakym automatickym sposobom?
      Debian. apt-get into it…
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          nechapeme sa. presne to mas urobit. aku mas vobec distribuciu?
          Debian. apt-get into it…