Linux distros in Slovak

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mirix   Návštevník

I've just got a laptop which I'd like to give as a present to my mother-in-law. I'd like to know which Linux distributions are better (and more thoroughly) translated into Slovak. I mean mainly the Desktop environments such as Gnome or KDE. Are applications such as OOffice well translated?

Thanks in advance,

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      Avatar mufty Mandriva  Používateľ
      e.g. Mandriva linux
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      Avatar Igor Hlina Mac OS ML  Používateľ
      Also SuSE 10.2 has very good translation level.
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      Avatar Tommy Angelo   Používateľ
      Hi :)

      nice to see foreign language on this site. I think linux is well good translated into a slovak language. I suppose, your mother-in-law wants easier control as much as possible. There are many linux distributions which are assigned for beginner.

      I can recommend this distros ::
      MintLinux (derived from Ubuntu, but have lot of programs available after install.)

      These are well good transalted and they are the mainstreamed distributions. All linux are translated too (PCLinuxOS - derived from Ubuntu, ... ).

      If you shall have any other questions, you can fell free to ask ;)
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        mirix   Návštevník

        Thanks to all for your warm welcome and your advice.

        I'm a Debian user myself, so, if you tell me that Debian or any other derivative is well translated into Slovak, I'll go for one of those. Is any particular Debian-based distro better supported by the Slovak community than others? Maybe Ubuntu?

        Ideed, you're right, she's used to Windows 2000, so that I'll configure the desktop in a way to resemble the old Windowses.

        Best regards,

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          :-)   Návštevník
          as for the localization of debian it is satisfactory. and if czech is set up as a backup language then noone will ever complain :-)

          my /etc/environment looks like this so that in case the slovak translation is missing the czech language is set up as a backup language which every slovak understands:


          only make sure that you run dpkg-reconfigure locales and choose there the slovak and czech locales so that they are generated and can be used by this environment setting.
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            Mirix   Návštevník
            Apparently the configuration through /etc/environment is now outdated. How should I proceed now?

            Can I have three languages (Slovak, Czech and German)? Is it possible in a current Debian distro to establish priorities so that Slovak is the default language, only in case something is not translated, Czech should be used as the reinforcement language and, finally, Slovak and Czech not being available use German?
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              WlaSaTy   Návštevník
              Usually is enough to install workstation, add user (non wheel group), add language pack (if not installed automatically), setup default language using GUI (in something like control panel or directly during logon in xDM) and optionally setup autologin for this user.

              Sparse translations are not problem for default applications as they was allready translated. And each user can have his prefered language, code page need to be UTF-8 or UTF16, but this is part of the system default settings.